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Your style is everything...

Kent Johnson

Posted on September 16 2018

When people say that you should be yourself, they mean #beyourstyle.  Not everyone can put together an outfit, or find the right accessories to help pull it all together, but It's ok, you can change that.

Anyone can change their style, not change who you are but your style. Start by asking yourself, what are some things that you may have seen others wearing or in a magazine that have drawn your attention. Is it from a certain decade, certain colors, is it casual, more formal or a combination of these things.

One important thing to remember is the dress code @ your place of work versus how you dress on the weekends.  A small trick is to combine the two so that it aids in an easy transition to go from #worktoplay on those days that you want to socialize with friends after work. Combining a casual but polished look will help you in being comfortable and relaxed but stand out with some #pop on your personal style.

To change or enhance your style try recalling someone wearing an outfit that you've liked.  Try to remember the outfit as a whole, then breaking it down if it were a two piece outfit. think of the colors and wether it was casual or a more formal polished look, think of the shoes and accessories that may have made the look memorable to you.

Now that you have an idea of what you would like to wear, you need to make sure the outfit or something like it looks good on you.  The best way to accomplish this is trial, don't be afraid to try different things until you find the look and colors that look great on you while borrowing from something you have seen on someone else.

Accessorizing your look with shoes, bags, and sunglasses will also require trials. It may take some time to try these different options, but I guarantee you that once you find the clothing, colors and accessories that look great on you it will be a lot more easy to shop and #findyourstyle.

Once you find your style, it empowers you to show your true self, gives you confidence and it gives a glimpse into a small but important part of who you truly are.  

So #goshop and #findyourstyle :)


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